About Us

Features of our training

  • UNIQUE First Aid Training
  • ACTIVE, Engaging & PRACTICAL
All Aid First Aid was founded in 2004 with a desire to bring experiential learning to first aid training using practical and engaging simulations. No more death-by-powerpoint or paper-based scenarios. All Aid First Aid training will have you actively practicing first aid skills on all our courses. We teach first aid through experiential learning methodologies. You will not only learn WHAT to do as a first responder, but you will also practice HOW to do it, giving you the confidence to act in real-life situations. Performing first aid can be difficult and chaotic; you need additional skills, beyond knowing the flowchart, to support your fellow humans. Come train with us and we will provide an active, fun and safe environment to challenge yourself and discover your abilities.

What our students say, in their own words